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What can we  do?
ELEPHANT GROUP provides conveyor belt, conveyor system and accessories design, manufature , life-long one-stop service.We aim to bring you and your company a more convenient supply .

ELEPHANT GROUP CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of conveyor belts, with advanced producing machine and test equipment. We produce all kinds of rubber conveyor belts, including EP and steel cord conveyor belt, heat resistant 400℃ belt , oil resistant , chevron conveyor belt and others according to DIN , AS and RMA standard. Our manufacturing capacity is up to 1000 meter per day!

Our Mission
      ELEPHANT GROUP has been providing good quality conveyor belts since 1986. Our goal is to provide high-quality conveyor belts and outstanding service within a reasonable price.

Our People
      ELEPHANT GROUP is here to support your business. We can provide you with the highest level of support with our professional, friendly and patient support team.

Why you select ELEPHANT GROUP?

Selecting ELEPHANT GROUP means that you will receive better quality with more reasonable price, free technical guidance, free samples, promised warranty, reliable and prompt pre-and-post-sales service.No matter what kind of difficulty you encountered in this field, feel free to contact us.
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