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In the continuously booming industry of conveyor belt, many manufacturers are focusing on extending production capacity without exploring their own core technology. ELEPHANT GROUP stress on our technological research as much as on our annually increasing market share.

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Fire Resistant V Belt

Fire resistant v belt is used underground for coal mine
TYPE: A B C D E SPA SPB SPC 3V 5V 8V etc     


Narrow V Belt

TYPE: SPA/XPASPB/XPB.SPC/XPC .SPZ/XPZ.3V/9N/3VX.8V/ 25N.5V/15N/5VX                                                                             
Length: 200mm to 18000mm                                                                            
Supply Ability : 30x20' container/month                                                          

Automotive V Belt

TYPE: AV10 AV13 AV15 AV17 AV22      
Length: 200mm to 18000mm                      
Supply Ability : 30x20' container/month   

Agriculture V Belt

TYPE: HB HC HK                                   
Length: 300mm to 18000mm                   
Supply Ability : 30x20' container/month

Classical V Belt

                TYPE: A B C D E Z
                Length: 300mm to 18000mm        
                Supply Ability : 30x20' container/month

BELT :steel cord conveyor belt and EP conveyor belt and heat resistant conveyor belt and flame retardant conveyor belt and chevron conveyor belt 
and circular conveyor belt and cotton conveyor belt and corrugated sidewall conveyor belt and cold resistant conveyor belt  and rubber conveyor 
belt and conveyor belting and goodyear conveyor belt and contitech conveyor belt and dunlop conveyor belt and FF conveyor belt and FF belt
and FF V belt and Bando V belt and extra belt etc.

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