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How to control the quality of conveyor belt as a  manufactory ?

1. Establish a quality control system, including a quality department maintaining the professionalism and quality.

2. Establish a quality checking system, including a laboratory testing every roll of production.

3.Establish an inspect team to inspect the surface of every conveyor belt, and to report and repair when quality problem is found.

4.Establish a technical department to research new material and new technology to improve the quality in the long-run.

How to check the quality of conveyor belt as a buyer?

1   .Inspect the top and bottom surface of conveyor belt and see if the surface is smooth with no notch. Then inspect the edges and see if they are intact without indentation. After, unpack the roll and put it on the ground to check if it is plane. If the belt is bend, it cannot be used.

2.  If you have a lab,you can test the adhesion between fabric of conveyor belt, which is the most important technical data of conveyor belt,and you can also test strength, abrasion and hardness, etc.
     If you don' thave a lab,you should inspect the conveyor belt with your eyes and hands;
     If you have any quality problem of conveyor belt , please send an e-mail to We are glad to help you.

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